This work is more than making images, Fighters Don't Quit is about showing up for your community. This work chronicles my experience building bonds with Chicago’s toughest kids, the fighters. Jamyle Cannon's nonprofit boxing gym, The BLOC, sits in a former church on Chicago's West Side, now transformed into a sanctuary for boxers and fighters alike. National amateur champions, professional boxers, and trainers develop athletic programs geared towards fighters growth, while academic and educational resources are offered to enhance the students academic goals. 

Through the photographic documentation of Mr. Cannon’s organization the project aims to afford a creative record of the achievements of students and fighters; while also communicating the opportunity to heal and the ability to bridge communities in a city in need of progress.

The practice also aims to directly engage in community backing through The BLOC’s volunteer program. This ongoing work includes tutoring, to help fighters achieve their academic goals, mentoring, through personal check ins, and enrichment classes in the arts and photography to encourage students to find and use their voice, while learning valuable life skills along with technical arts training. The BLOC is more than just a boxing program; spend any time with Mr. Cannon and he will tell you

“It is so much more than boxing.”